July 10, 2012 NYC
About Green Drinks

Dr. Sylvia Earle Green Drinks NYC has been hosting monthly networking events for environmental professionals in NYC since 2002 with a following of over 15,000 green professionals. In 88 countries and 800 cities world-wide, Green Drinks is the fastest growing green networking group in the world. Locally, Green Drinks NYC has been hosting monthly networking events for environmental professionals in NYC since 2002 reaching such diverse industries as fashion, finance, music, marketing, retail, hospitality, business, media and the non-profit sector. NYC is the largest chapter in the world.

Green Drinks presents a unique opportunity for green marketers to directly reach the LOHAS demographic, tech-savvy, eco-conscious tastemakers who make and influence strong green buying choices in their daily lives. You will align your brand with a wider global grassroots environmental movement. Sponsorship opportunities provide an interactive forum to highlight and promote your brand awareness and green initiatives.

On July 10, 2012, Green Drinks NYC turns 10 years old and is excited to host the "Moving Into the Future" Anniversary party. This high-energy party will celebrate how far we’ve come with clean energy and transportation and look to all the possibilities the future holds. The event will feature a sustainable dance floor that captures the energy of the dancing crowd demonstrating human ability to power music, lights and more!

Join us for our landmark anniversary celebration with great exposure for your organization online and at the event! The Green Drinks NYC is a robust community of influencers. They are the doers and thinkers "people who are actively creating change." They are powerful contributors to the positive change in our world. Our members:

• Earn an estimated income of $80,000 a year
• Ages 25-50
• Middle and upper management at corporations, non-profits and media organizations
• Pay a premium for organic food, alternative energy solutions and environmentally conscious products
• Internet and media savvy
Be a "Moving Into The Future" Sponsor!
Gain exposure to our green-minded members, partnering with local press and city-wide community organizations. Join the movement and promote your cause/organization by participating as a sponsor at this spectacular event!
• Unparalleled promotion and exposure for your organization during one of the biggest Green Drink NYC events for green-minded professionals in NYC.
• Year-long feature on GreenDrinksNYC.com and in all twice-monthly email newsletters reaching 15,000 professionals.
• Heavy branding and customized presence at the event as our top sponsor.
• Social media and viral marketing via pre-event press emails, blogging, word of mouth and more!